Persolog® Personality Profile + 90-minute Zoom Coaching

Includes: Online Persolog® Personality Profile and 90 minutes of Zoom Coaching. You can get it 34 languages. A big step towards becoming aware of your strengths, which is of course important for your personal and business success. In the 90-minute coaching session you will receive additional, in-depth information about what your strengths are and where your areas for improvement lie. During the session, you will also work with your coach to develop your personal plan for your desired focus area.
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Profiling and counselling is recommended if you are deciding on a career or looking for an area to develop your talents.

It is particularly recommended for students in their 4th year of secondary school who are deciding on a course of study. Behavioural tendencies are a great predictor of what you are really good at in life, where you have potential and how you can learn faster.

After ordering you will receive an email with access to the questionnaire. Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will receive your Persolog® Personality Profile in pdf format to your email address. You can then sign up for coaching via Zoom by sending an email to:

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