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Communication and Sales
Persolog: Effective Communication

Discover the profound power of effective communication with the persolog Effective Communication training. Delve deeper into the world of DISC behavioral types, develop mastery in identifying and adapting to communication styles, and improve collaboration within your team.

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Key Benefits of Training
  • Understanding the DISC profile: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the four basic behavioral types and their importance in interpersonal communication.
  • Self-knowledge and recognition: Discover your unique behavioral profile and learn to recognize and understand the behavioral styles of your colleagues.
  • Flexible communication: Learn how to become a “communication chameleon,” adapting your communication style to your interlocutor for better cooperation and understanding.
  • Practical application of knowledge: Focus on real-life situations and team dynamics through workshops that will allow you to put what you learn into practice.
  • Action plan and 30-day learning journey: At the end of the training, you will have a clear action plan and receive daily encouragement over the next 30 working days to put the techniques you have learned into practice.
Training Highlights
  • Historical basis: Exploring the historical development of behavioral theory to better understand its origins and meaning.
  • Persolog® DISC analysis: In-depth understanding and reading of behavioral profile graphs to better understand yourself and others.
  • Identification strategies: Tools and techniques to quickly and effectively identify colleagues’ behavioral styles.
  • Adapting to communication: Become a master at communicating with different behavioral types by practically applying the Platinum Rule and adaptation techniques.
  • Putting it into practice: Focus on real-life examples and workshops that combine theory and practice for maximum learning impact.
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Proactive Selling:  Building Relationships and Creating Needs

Immerse yourself in the dynamics of the sales process, understanding customer needs and the skills to create an effective offer. Our training equips you with the skills and tools you need to optimize your sales efforts and build stronger customer relationships.

Key Benefits of Training
  • A deep understanding of your customers’ decision-making process and buying cycle.
  • Achieving a proactive sales model by building strong relationships.
  • Improving questioning skills using the “Sales Wedge.”
  • Skills to highlight the perceived value of your offer.
  • Practical tips and tools to make powerful offers tailored to your needs.
Training Highlights
  • Understanding the dynamics of the buying cycle and customer behavioral types.
  • Relationship building and personalized communication techniques.
  • Using the sales wedge: the SPIN technique for an in-depth sales interview.
  • Perception of value and structure of an efficient offer.
  • Practical examples of how to apply the skills learned in real-life sales situations.
Proactive Selling:  Closing the Sale

This workshop builds on the previous workshop because successful closing requires more than just an outstanding offer; it requires attitude and the discovery of a need, which you have learned in the previous workshop. This training offers a deeper insight into the dynamics of closing the sale, managing customer objections, and understanding the importance of personalized communication. Learn the skills that will take your sales results to the next level.

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Key Benefits of Training
  • Understanding and improving the skills of presenting and arguing an offer.
  • Equipping you with tools for personalized communication and relationship management.
  • Strategic approaches to address and prevent objections and risks.
  • Learn how to identify buy signals and apply effective closing techniques.
  • Practical simulations of sales interviews to get first-hand experience and feedback.
Training Highlights
  • Use the “Kraljic’s Matrix” to evaluate sales opportunities and effectively present your offer.
  • Adapting the communication style based on the behavioral profile (DISC) of the customer.
  • Structure and strategies for dealing with customer risks and objections.
  • Understanding and applying different techniques for closing sales interviews.
  • Focus on real-life examples and practical simulations to help reinforce the skills and techniques learned during training.
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In today’s business world, negotiation is a key skill that shapes the success of individuals and companies. In this comprehensive training, we offer you the opportunity to delve deeper into the dynamics and strategy of negotiation techniques. Discover the psychology behind successful negotiation tactics, understand your role, and learn how to use key tools to achieve optimal results.

Key Benefits of Training
  • Understanding negotiation strategies: Learn how to successfully prepare, conduct, and conclude negotiations.
  • Personal adaptability: Know your negotiating profile and understand the profiles of your interlocutors.
  • Strategic thinking: Understand concepts such as ZOPA, BATNA, and 3D negotiation skills.
  • Practical exercises: Analyze and understand practical examples, gain firsthand experience, and transfer the knowledge gained into everyday practice.
  • Improved confidence in negotiations: You will increase your influence and persuasive skills with state-of-the-art techniques and approaches.
Training Highlights
  • 3D Negotiation Advantage: Effectively combine insight, influence, and trust for more successful negotiations.
  • Know the key elements of a negotiation: Understand the importance of bargaining power, time, and information.
  • Training through practical examples: Experience gained by analyzing and transferring the tools to a real-life situation.
  • Apply strategic negotiation gambits: Learn how to identify, apply, and defend against different negotiation tactics.
  • Action plans for improvement: At the end of the workshop, you will be armed with clear steps to improve your negotiation skills.
Persuasion   Skills

Persuasion skills are no longer the preserve of salespeople or leaders. In today’s digital age, when every word counts, they have become crucial for everyone. In this training, we delve into the art and science of persuasion, focusing on approaches that promote mutual benefit and build trust.

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Key Benefits of Training
  • Understanding the basic principles of persuasion and their practical application.
  • Methods to effectively build trust and engage with your interlocutor.
  • Practical exercises and simulations that show how the principles work in the real world.
  • Strategies for successfully closing conversations and promoting decision-making.
  • An opportunity to reflect, analyze, and improve your own persuasion skills.
Training Highlights
  • Discovering the seven key factors of persuasion, from likability to perspective.
  • Strategies for successfully establishing and maintaining trust at every stage of communication.
  • Skills to guide the interlocutor toward a consensual solution or decision.
  • Applying the principles of scarcity and contradiction to create additional value and stimulate action.
  • Roleplays and practical examples to put the skills you learn into practice immediately.
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