ABC of Personality

Most problems in companies, teams, families, etc., are caused by poor communication between people. The "ABC of Personality" is a book for individuals who face challenges of cooperation and communication in their everyday lives (at work or at home). It helps you understand yourself better and offers guidance to help you become more effective in your relationships and communication with others.
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The book presents four different behavioral types: dominant, initiative, stable, and correct, in a polite, simple, and vivid way. It is accompanied by numerous examples and cartoons and is a relaxing, inspiring, and informative read.

In the “ABC of Personality,” you will find skills and strategies to approach the basic behavioral types in different important areas of your life:

  • Managing
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Sales
  • Relations with your partner
  • Parenting and relationships with your teenager


You cannot avoid relationships and communication (unless, of course, you go into isolation), which is why the “ABC of Personality” is a handbook—a “classic” that you will continue to read, review, discuss, and use many times in the future.


The book also includes a self-assessment questionnaire. You can do a short free evaluation here:


In his foreword, renowned management guru and author of the international bestseller “Eat that Frog,” Brian Tracy, writes: “This is a book that can truly change lives. You will learn how to understand yourself on a deeper level and, as a result, how to set better goals, tap more of your potential, and direct your life where your true talents and abilities lie.”


Authors: Lothar Seiwert and Friedbert Gay. Foreword by Janez Hudovernik.

Hardcover, size: 16×23 cm, pages: 148, regular price: €29.90 (VAT included).


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