Discover your potential, train it and engage it.


One of the main tasks of managers and leaders is taking care of their employees and their development. People are one of the rare assets that gain value with the time. Workshops are a great approach to train a group of people in key skills.

Our workshops are adapted to your specific needs and knowledge of the participants. Practical cases are always adapted to your current situation.

Would you like to increase successfulness of your employees?
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Using full potential
  • Improvement of current results

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    persolog Personality profile

    Based on a questionnaire we determine the strengths and fields that need improvement. We offer a consultation on how to approach daily activities at work in order to gain the best results possible, how to communicate with co-workers and customers effectively and how to negotiate successfully.

    Analysis 360°

    Employees fill out a questionnaire. Based on their responses they get a report about their relationship to work, their co-workers, superiors and subordinates. Report also includes competencies, values and company goals.

    Full engagement inventory

    Find out how effectively you manage your energy on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

    What kind of hidden potential have your employees?
  • Effective communication
  • Establishing successful teams
  • Proper approach to customers

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    An athlete can gain top results, which are higher than previous, only through proper training - in a financial sense even ten times higher.

    In sports every athlete trains, even the best; usually the latter train more qualitatively than the rest and have the best coaches and mentors. Everybody needs a training, even the best.

    Individual coaching
  • Setting up the coaching system
  • Transfer the skills into practice
  • Follow-up on given activities

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    Three key words are going to follow you on our common path: Discover. Engage. Coach. I am convinced that these words include the essence of personal and organizational development. In the latest years many new discoveries appeared in these areas and also many revolutionary changes. On our website you will get ideas and solutions how to transfer discoveries and skills into practice. That enables you to bring engagement of your employees into a higher level. Principles are universal and they work in a business as well as in private life, in teams and families, as well as on individual and business level. You just need to apply them. What are you going to do?

    Janez Hudovernik, B. Sc., ICF Associate Certified Coach

    Selected posts

    22. 3. 2016

    Zgodba o glukozi in inzulinu

    Imamo mogoče napačen zemljevid? Predstavljajte si, da ste v Kranju ali Ljubljani in imate zemljevid Maribora. Ste na Prešernovi cesti in želite priti na Aškerčevo ulico. Kaj se bo zgodilo? Učinkovitost pri iskanju po zemljevidu se v tem primeru ne bo obrestovala. Zemljevid […]
    21. 3. 2016

    Jutranja energija v skodelici

    O najbolj priljubljenem psihoaktivnem napitku z dodatkom … Z več kot 2.25 milijard skodelic prodane kave na dan je kava najbolj cenjena hrana na svetu. Je tudi najbolj razširjena in splošno uporabna psihoaktivna droga. Vsesplošno uporabna in tudi zelo koristna, skratka pomaga. Začnimo […]
    21. 3. 2016

    Spanc je boljš’ kot žgan’c

    »Vsako noč, ko grem spat, umrem. In naslednje jutro, ko se zbudim, sem ponovno rojen,” je nekoč rekel Mahatma Gandhi. Kakšno je bilo vaše ponovno rojstvo današnje jutro? Poleg prehrane je spanje najbolj pomembna vsakodnevna aktivnost, ki dramatično vpliva na vaše življenje, njegovo […]

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    years of experience

    Our experienced coaches and consultants are highly qualified experts in their fields where they work for a common philosophy and are obliged to constant education and development.

    satisfied customers

    We adapt our programmes to the needs and demands of our customers. We integrate all parts, considering the key factors. We ensure the best possible transfer of knowledge into practice.

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    We follow the newest trends in the field of management, teamwork, sales and keep our subscribers posted on regular basis. We follow globally and perform locally.

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    Our motivational 3E approach ensures that our workshops empower, entertain and educate. The result is a crowd of enthusiastic participants.

    Prijava na brezplačne ProAktivne novice

    Prijavite se na brezplačne novice in spremljajte najnovejša spoznanja na področjih vodenja, prodaje, coachinga, timskega dela in upravljanja z energijo.

    Prijava na brezplačne ProAktivne novice

    Prijavite se na brezplačne novice in spremljajte najnovejša spoznanja na področjih vodenja, prodaje, coachinga, timskega dela in upravljanja z energijo.
    Prijava na brezplačne ProAktivne novice