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Effective Meeting  Management

In the digital age, when decisions are made at a fast pace, effective meeting management is crucial to the productivity and success of any organization. The Effective Meeting Management program offers innovative approaches and tools to help make meetings more structured, focused, and productive, reducing wasted time and improving interpersonal dynamics.

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Preliminary Analysis of the “Index of Time Lost in Meetings”

All participants complete an online survey and rate how much time is wasted in their meetings. Based on the results, the content of the training is adapted.

Key Benefits of Training
  • Time optimization: Reduce time wasted in meetings by using a time-wasted index.
  • Personal adjustment: Analysis of specific meetings and adaptation of the training content to the needs of the participants.
  • Practical skills: In-depth understanding of different types of meetings, tools for preparing and conducting them, and dealing with exceptional circumstances.
  • Communicating effectively: Training to communicate clearly, steer the debate, and encourage discussion.
  • Long-term improvements: Action plans and tools for lasting improvements in the approach to meeting management.
Training Highlights
  • Why meetings? Understanding the meaning, purpose, and objectives of different types of meetings.
  • Preparation and management tools: Learn about meeting invitations, rules of conduct, roles and responsibilities, and other key tools.
  • The Canoe model: An integrated method for effective meeting management, including communication skills, discussion guidance, and time discipline.
  • Managing difficult participants: Strategies and approaches for dealing with difficult participants and ensuring productivity.
  • The pursuit of success: Re-analyzing meeting effectiveness, benchmarking, and recommendations for improvement.
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Effective Delegation

The success of a leader lies in their ability to delegate effectively. Proper delegation not only optimizes workloads but also promotes the growth and development of colleagues. In this training session, you will learn why delegation is crucial for you and your business, how to delegate and monitor tasks correctly, and how to ensure that objectives are met.

Key Benefits of Training
  • Understanding the importance and benefits of delegation for the individual, colleagues, and company.
  • Learn effective methods and technologies for delegating and supervising tasks.
  • Encouraging colleagues to take responsibility and provide the necessary support.
  • A practically oriented workshop with real-life examples for better understanding and practical application.
  • An action plan to immediately implement what you have learned in your working environment.
Training Highlights
  • Why delegate? Uncovering the key benefits and creating your personal delegation table.
  • The stages of the delegation process: Preparation, assignment, monitoring, management of obstacles, and feedback.
  • Taking responsibility: Methodologies and approaches to encourage colleagues to take responsibility for delegated tasks.
  • Analysis of practical examples: In-depth analysis and training of delegation interviews.
  • Action Plan: Concrete steps to implement what you have learned and improve your delegation skills after the training.
The Leader  as Coach

Coaching is one of the key approaches in modern management that enables managers to support, guide, and encourage colleagues in their development. Through this training, you will understand the importance of coaching, learn about the GROW model, and equip yourself with the skills of an effective coach.

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Key Benefits of Training
  • Understanding the role and importance of coaching in modern management.
  • Familiarization with the tools and techniques for successful coaching.
  • Learn the skills and techniques to ask the right questions using the GROW model and active listening.
  • Ability to formulate and follow action plans.
  • Increase confidence in conducting coaching interviews and foster the growth of colleagues.
Training Highlights
  • The profile of a successful coach: A combination of knowledge, skills, and personality traits.
  • The coaching triangle: Raising awareness, taking responsibility, and promoting autonomy.
  • The GROW model: A structured approach to coaching interviews for maximum engagement and success.
  • The key skills of a coach: From asking questions and listening to building empathy.
  • Developing and pursuing action plans to ensure continued development and progress.
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Giving Feedback e Effectively

In life and in business, feedback is the key to growth and improvement. Giving feedback effectively is an art that enables better interpersonal relationships, productivity, and professional development. In this training, you will understand the importance of feedback—how to give and receive it correctly—and learn about future information that opens up new horizons of communication.

Key Benefits of Training
  • Understanding the role and importance of feedback in a professional environment.
  • Equipping yourself with tools and techniques to give and receive feedback effectively.
  • Understanding and using the SBI model for constructive communication.
  • Learn about the concept of feedforward and its key benefits.
  • Increasing confidence in critical interviews and encouraging open communication.
Training Highlights
  • The four basic types of feedback and their impact on the individual.
  • The SBI model: A structured approach to giving feedback.
  • Key steps in receiving feedback.
  • Future information: A revolutionary approach to future-focused feedback.
  • Practical exercises and examples to consolidate knowledge and skills in real-life scenarios.
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