Successful Under Pressure

Successful Under Pressure: Proven Techniques for Relieving Stress and Increasing Resilience Who doesn’t want to be more resilient, optimistic, and powerful? Be the best when it matters most. The solution: use the tools from this book.
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You have to understand that no one performs well under severe pressure. Regardless of the task, the pressure causes stress, which inevitably reduces your ability to accurately perceive environment, judge, make decisions, and focus, and so negatively affects your performance.

But your daily lives are full of challenges, growing demands, problems, obstacles, changes—in short, full of pressures—and it makes sense to adapt to that, doesn’t it?

Imagine you get the best tools to accomplish that in one place. Your search can finally end, and your journey to success, high performance, and well-being begins. Successful Under Pressure provides you with 52 time-tested techniques for relieving stress, improving resilience, optimizing performance, and increasing personal energy when facing challenges. It gives you the answer to the question: “What techniques and strategies can I use to be the best when it matters most?

Strategies and interventions are presented in an easy-to-understand and practical way. You don’t need to be a psychologist or a sports coach to understand them. After applying them, you will quickly get results. Regular use will make it a habit, and habits make our lives.

How much would you pay for a life-changing tool? How much is a new, healthy, and productive habit worth to you in the course of a decade or a whole life?

345 pages, paperback, dimensions 16 x 23 cm, price € 24.99. The price already includes VAT.

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