Relaxator – breathing retainer

Relaxator - breathing retainer is a small and handy tool for improving breathing habits. It is extremely easy to use. Simply insert the Relaxator into your mouth and adjust the air resistance to suit. With regular use, it helps you to achieve optimal breathing and, consequently, an increase in oxygen uptake. The rhythm of your heart follows the rhythm of your breathing. An irregular breathing rhythm also has a negative effect on the heart. The relaxer helps you to maintain a steady and relaxed breathing pattern.
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Key benefits of the Relaxator:

  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Improves oxygenation
  • Stimulates diaphragmatic breathing
  • Allows even breathing

Recommended for a wide range of health problems including: asthma or allergy attacks, severe stress, anger or anxiety, lack of energy, coughs, pain and childbirth.

Warning. Relaxator is not a substitute for medical treatment. Always consult your doctor if you experience any changes in your health.

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